March Updates December 20

It has been an incredibly busy few weeks!
There have been many incredibly talented people both here in Maine and all across the nation working to make sure that the rally is well organized and a success, and their hard work is paying off!  We are being noticed.  The National Organization of Women (NOW) has endorsed the march and stories are appearing in national news outlets, such as the Washington Post and CNN. Our voices will be heard!

Grow the Movement!
More than 10 buses will be heading to Washington from Maine, and more people are signing up every day. We want our state to show up in large numbers, and make a statement that can’t be ignored. Please consider encouraging a friend or family member to go when you see them this holiday season. Or ask them to stand in solidarity with you by going to Augusta for our sister march there.

Permits and Rally Points
Last week it was confirmed that permits for the rally have indeed been obtained! The starting point for the rally will be at the corner of Independence Ave and 3rd St SW very close to the White House. A meeting place, or “Rally Point”, for marchers from Maine will be established in the coming weeks. The exact route that the march will take is still being worked on and those details will be released as we get closer to the March.

Please Register
As the planning continues there is a request for people for those attending to register at both the state and national level.  It will not commit nor will your information be sold, it will simply help in the planning of this massive event. I encourage you to take a moment to fill out the registration form.

Big News! Maine People’s Alliance is our Fiscal Sponsor
A big thank you needs to be given to Maine’s Peoples Alliance.  They are our fiscal sponsor and are accepting donations on our behalf to aid as many people as possible to get to Washington.  If you can give a little, please consider donating, it only takes a moment and a little goes a long way.

If you need a little bit of help yourself, please include that when you register on the Maine March website.  Together we will get there.

De-escalation and Safety Trainings For Marchers
The state organizers are working with Clara Porter from Prevention.Action. Change. to offer free and low-cost trainings all around the state. Training will focus on three areas — Boundary Setting, De-escalation, and Bystander Intervention — in order to help attendees and bus captains feel comfortable and confident in addressing the range of situations they may face around the march. The workshops will be highly interactive and will provide opportunities for skill-building, discussion, and work in self-grounding under stress. Dates and registration information will be available later this week.

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