Official Maine March color

Hello Maine Marchers,

A quick word to let you all know that we have decided to identify ourselves as Mainers at the Women’s March on Washington by donning something in the blaze/orange family. It can be a hat, a bandanna, a ribbon, gloves, a scarf, or just an accent (like an arm band). While we understand that many people associate this color with hunting, we came to this decision based on the following:

1) Orange is easily spotted in a massive crowd. It is our goal to keep track of all our state’s people, keep them safe, and make sure they know where we are should they get separated from us during the march. Blaze (or bright orange) will make this easier.If you get separated, look for us by looking for orange.
2) Blaze/orange is easily procured in this state, relatively inexpensive and somebody usually knows someone who has a piece of it–thus it is readily available for those who might not be able to purchase a special item for the march.
3) Blaze/orange symbolizes safety, protection, self-reliance, independence, and the rural heritage of our state and people.
4) It is a color we can be fairly certain most other states will not adopt.

If you can’t bear the idea of neon orange, please feel free to go with a gentler shade of orange. We are attempting to have buttons made that we will hand out.

There are ribbons available via FB, which are white.

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