Weekly March Updates: January 17

THIS IS IT! We are ready to March this Saturday!

This post is quite long, but please review it before leaving Maine. It includes crucial planning and safety information. Also – be sure to check back at mainemarch.com on Friday for a final update, and also, if possible, before arriving on Saturday in case there are any last minute updates or changes to our plans. We will also be using the twitter handle @MaineWomenMarch for day-of updates at the march. Please note, we will not be monitoring and answering questions via twitter.

This post includes information and links to resources regarding our meeting location for Maine marchers, tips for individuals preparing for the march, and links to resources for planning, communication and technology.

First of all, please review the Unity Statement and the Mission and Values for the March. We all are coming to the march for different reasons, and that is a beautiful thing. Remember that this is a non-violent rally and march.

Then, watch the Prepare to March video, narrated by Rosie Perez, it will give you a good overview of how to prepare for the March.


Meeting Location:
We will meet at the Garden of the Hirschorn Museum, located at the corner of 7th Street SW and Independence Avenue. The closest Metro station is L’Enfant Plaza (Green, Yellow, Orange, and Blue lines). The garden opens at 7:30 am, and we will start walking together to the Rally at 9am. Texas will also be meeting at the Hirschorn.

Our Back-up plan: If access to the Hirschorn is limited, our back-up meeting location will be at Lincoln Plaza by the Mary Beth Berthune Statue. It is on the way to the Rally site from RFK stadium. OR, go directly to the Rally and meet at the Maine State Banner (and look for lots of people wearing Blaze Orange).


Make your plan!
Figure out ahead of time your transportation options and logistics, packed lunch, dinner plan, and check the weather forecast. Have a contingency plan in case you get separated from your group. What if your cell phone dies? Where will you meet? By what time? How will you get home? If you are riding in one of the buses, make sure your BUS CAPTAIN KNOWS YOUR PLAN and has your PHONE NUMBER and the number of a CONTACT AT HOME who you appoint to be your safeguard back in Maine. Make sure your contact at home also knows your plan, and will be available by phone throughout the day. Print any materials you might need for your trip before you leave (walking map of DC, metro map, contact info for your emergency contact and travel buddies- especially if you have them on speed dial and might have trouble remembering their numbers if your phone is out of batteries).

Below are some links that may help you in your planning:


Social Media and Technology:
Please use the hashtags #mainewomenmarch and #whyimarch on instagram, facebook, and twitter to promote and share your experience of the event. We will be using the twitter handle @MaineWomenMarch for day-of updates and to share people’s pictures and experiences at the march. Please note, we will not be monitoring and answering questions via twitter.

The Women’s March on Washington has an official app to facilitate day-of communication about the schedule for the day.

Many of the organizers and other attendees have also downloaded Firechat, an app that can be an effective way to communicate if cell service is disrupted. We will be using a public chatroom #mainewomenmarch on the day of the march if needed. You can also set up a private chatroom for your bus or group. Information about how to download, set up an account, find the #mainewomenmarch chatroom, and create your own groups are here.


We are so excited to see you in Washington!
This is an historic event, and the volunteer organizers in Maine and across the country have been working hard to make it possible. A big thank you to all those volunteers, to everyone marching with us – and to everyone planning to attend one of the Sister Marches in solidarity. Thank you.

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  1. Thank you for all the organization that went into this March! See you there

    1. Thank you Jacqueline!

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