Hello Maine Marchers!

Most of you are preparing to get on the road pretty soon, if you aren’t already in DC. Please refer to our “Event Details Page” under “How to Prepare for March.” Please leave plenty of time to navigate and walk the city. It will be crowded! DO NOT EVER PASS UP AN OPPORTUNITY TO USE A BATHROOM. Please stay hydrated, clear-headed (No drinking or drugs are allowed on any of the buses), and keep a sense of humor at all times. If you feel threatened or alarmed, LOOK FOR A PARADE MARSHALL or another person from your travel group. Leave the perimeter of the march at any time, but TELL A BUDDY. Do not travel around the city alone unless you have a plan, a destination, and a way to get there. If you are on a bus, the BUSES WILL LEAVE WITHOUT YOU. So check your confirmation. Plan two hours to get back from the termininus of the March (Washington Monument). Be proud. Be strong. Walk tall. And most of all, be kind.

Here’s a quick checklist for tomorrow:

*In your clear bag/backpack, bring Kleenex or TP for porta-potties, some snacks, and an extra layer.

*On your person, have $100 cash, your photo ID and a debit/credit card. Leave your wallet on the bus. Write your emergency contact number and your bus or on-the-ground contact on your arm. If you have a medical issue, bring any prescription drugs on your person.

*You can bring your cell phone or a camera, but wear it in a pocket, not in the bag.

*If you are riding a bus, you will not be able to access your belongings during the day, but you may bring things to come home with (should fit in small carry-on). A blanket/pillow, extra socks, band-aids, earplugs, headphones, a book, etc. Here is more info from Skedaddle if you are taking a Skedaddle bus.

Skedaddle to the Womens March What to Know

Here are some map links for tomorrow. Take a moment to check them out. Remember we are meeting at the Hirschorn Museum Pavilion between 7:30-9am (back-up plan is Lincoln Park, if we can’t access the perimeter of the rally site). After 9:30am, go directly to the Rally site and look for the Maine Banner. We will also be wearing blaze and have a state flag. Program starts at 10am-1pm. March goes from 1:15-4:15. It is only about 1.2 miles or so.

DC Womens March Maps

Driving Directions:Skedaddle to the Womens March What to Know Driving Directions Portland Maine to RFK -DC

Fare thee well, my sisters and brothers. This is the first step in a long fight. Bon voyage. G

2 thoughts on “FINAL UPDATE BEFORE MARCH 1-20

  1. when will there be the next event in Maine? want to get involved locally to protest the erosion of our Constitutional Rights going on with this new administration- I’m not on Facebook

    1. Hi, the WMW-ME has not scheduled an event but we hope to have a debrief session soon. We are partnering with a number of organizations who are planning events (the next one is for Planned Parenthood on February 11th).

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