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2017 Sarah’s March Story (cont.)

Hello Marchers!

Yesterday I told you all of my kiddo missing the 2017 march because they didn’t hand in their homework. What I didn’t say is I almost missed the march too. Sometimes following through with consequences with kiddos means parents share those consequences. Kiddo was my second driver to DC.  Without a second driver, the plan to drive down was squashed. I was one of those last minute folks pleading for a seat on a bus to DC. I am such a helpful organizer. Don’t be like 2017 Sarah G.

Because I waited to the last minute, I also didn’t get the nice shared cost seating that assumed we filled all the seats on every bus. I opened my wallet for a donation of more than expected because us last minute riders were making up the fundraising difference that wasn’t achieved by asking for donations at the cost of a single seat. Busses need funding and in 2017 me and the other late RSVPers where the gap funders. Kiddos are expensive!

There is a bus confirmed leaving Portland to DC on the 18th. More info and RSVP is here. It is not full yet, but there are only 9 days left. Questions about that bus “Contact US” is waiting for your click.

Staying closer to home: 

When/ Where: January 19, 2019

      Portland, Maine 11:00 am, Congress Square Park March to City Hall

      Bethel, Maine 11:00 am, Town Hall

      Eastport, Maine 10:00 am, Shead High School

      Machias, Maine 10:00 am, The Dike, 100 Main Street

      Brunswick, Maine 10:00 am, Memorial Park

There may be more in the works. You may want to organize one yourself!

For more information on the Maine Women’s Marches, visit our Facebook Page.

Women’s March harnesses the political power of diverse women and their communities to create transformative social change.

In Community,

Women’s March Maine

Sarah G

2017 Almost green Lady Liberty on a bus to DC

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