Lessons from Women’s March Past

In 2017 my kiddo was making me parent hard. They had not done any homework for months and I had to put my foot down. The ultimatum: hand in anything to any teacher, or no trip to DC. Well, they didn’t go. I REGRET that moment of parenting. My kiddo missed the march. They missed the amazing feeling of being surrounded by folks that supported marcher’s existence, value as a person, and the hard work ahead. They missed out on the validation that kept me working for two more years. I very much don’t want folks to miss out again. I made the best friends who have done some hard work becoming better activists with me. In rural Maine finding a supportive group of friends has made all the difference in my life. So that is #whyimarch —> Smash the Join Us button —> and let us know on social media why you march with the #whyimarch and tag us!

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