3 days to March

For Real the internet will not distract me today!!!

So the major questions that come from new marchers is basically one question. “How do we march?”

A1. As yourself. If you want to come painted green and dressed as the statue of liberty holding a banner and a few signs as well. Go for it. Do you. If you sort of want to stop by wearing your everyday outerwear and listen to the speakers and performers. Go for it. Be yourself.

A2. Comfortably. Now as a person who has painted themselves green and dressed up I tested that outfit out. I wore my snow pants underneath and my comfy lined boots. I had on silk thermals. I had hand warmers and back up hand warmers. I was warm. I was well shod. I was not tripping on my train. My green bedazzled flashlight torch made it so everyone of my march buddies could see me clearly. For after, I had a bag on the bus with warm dry clothes (pjs), a neck pillow, ear plugs, eye mask, and 3 fully charged battery back ups.

A3. Safely. Now that torch was a beacon for my march buddies. March friends are important. Maybe you will make them at the march. Keep an eye on each other. I also had on a string backpack with aspirin, bandages, gauze, alcohol wipes, cough drops, gluten free snack bars, marathon goo, and water. My supply backpack may seem silly or overdone, but I handed out more bandages to marchers and their kiddos who got blisters then any other day in my life. I got a lot of kiddos in my life but not march # kiddos.

  • clear string backpack
  • simple first aid
  • snacks
  • water
  • gear for weather
  • back up power supply
  • green glitter
  • dry change of clothes
  • neck pillow/full size pillow (be you)
  • ear plugs
  • eye mask

Comment and tell us how you marched. Tell us how you are marching! What is your prefered glitter/shoe for marching?

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