4 Days to March

Actually 3 because it is nearly 10AM

Good Morning Marchers!

The count down to the #womenswave is ticking away. There’s the rest of today and then 3 full days until we join hundreds of other sister marches around the world. Eeep! Even though marchers are from all over the globe they share the Unity Principals as a guide to making our lives better lived together.

They also have to navigate a lot of fake ticketed events and junk t-shirt sites to find their nearest march. Marches associated with Women’s March, Inc are here.

Maybe the march you planned on attending is not associated with Women’s March, Inc. and that is okay. What would forstall me from attending any march is ticketing. It is very true marches are expensive and don’t fund themselves. For sure ticketing is a good solution for fundraising for an event, except when the event is supposed to be accessible and inclusive, and most of all an expression of free speech. A march is in the streets, it is a protest, it is civil disobedience. Event marketing for a march that is ticketed raises the inner skeptic in me. This is probably not a march. Donations are needed wanted and appreciated, and we just don’t capitalize walking in the street.

Women’s March Maine does not ticket it’s marches.

Now t-shirts!

Please go straight to your march organizer and ask how to get them. Post, tag, or message them on facebookinstatwitter. The marketability of the Women’s March is undeniable or else people outside of grassroots organizers wouldn’t be making shirts. That merchandise doesn’t help pay the artists and speakers your about to listen to on a PA system that also is not free. Did you see a port-a-potty at your last march. That service is priceless. Except organizers do pay the bill.

Again, annually, these grassroots organizers open their calendars and wallets to make a march happen, they don’t ticket, and they do have t-shirts and buttons to help pay down the debt we owe them for all they have done. Or you can donate to Maine Women’s March here.

TLDR: Here are marches near you. We love to host you. Have t-shirts, and schwag.

2 thoughts on “4 Days to March

  1. Do I need to purchase a ticket in advance for the Maine march ?

    1. None of our marches are ticketed. Thanks for marching!

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