Hello Maine Marchers! Most of you are preparing to get on the road pretty soon, if you aren’t already in DC. Please refer to our “Event Details Page” under “How to Prepare for March.” Please leave plenty of time to navigate and walk the city. It will be crowded! DO NOT EVER PASS UP AN…

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Official Maine March color

Hello Maine Marchers, A quick word to let you all know that we have decided to identify ourselves as Mainers at the Women’s March on Washington by donning something in the blaze/orange family. It can be a hat, a bandanna, a ribbon, gloves, a scarf, or just an accent (like an arm band). While we…

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NOW endorses the Women’s March on Washington

On December 7, the National Organization for Women (NOW) officially endorsed the Women’s March on Washington. This prominent and well-respected national organization is coming on board to make sure this march happens and our message is heard. What follows is a press release posted on the NOW website. Statement of NOW President Terry O’Neill endorsing…

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